Active Wellness Outdoor wellbeing

Do you want to stay fit and active while enjoying your vacation? Or are you interested in getting to know South Tyrol and its incredible landscape better, while still taking time for wellness and relaxation?
If so, our active wellness program is just right for you.

Kneipp bath in Terento

Water is an incredible remedy – Pastor Kneipp was aware of this almost 160 years ago. Even today his treatment methods and therapies that cure with the use of water are popular. You can enjoy the healing effects of water of various temperatures at the wellness area of the Acquapura SPA.
In the warm summer months we recommend that you have a walk to the Kneipp bath in the village centre of Terento, which is especially refreshing on hot summer days. 


Take a deep breath 

Come for a walk with us to the waterfalls of Vandoies. This excursion will help you to distance yourself from your daily routines and instead enjoy the nature and your surroundings. You will be able to listen to the sounds of the water fall while taking time to relax.
Together we will try to pay attention to your breathing and become conscious of it. Through specific exercises we will calm your spirit, increase your concentration and strengthen muscles needed for breathing. 

Golf massage 

When you return after a long and active day at the golf course, tired and exhausted, we have the perfect massage on offer for you. We created a special massage with actual golf balls. These real golf balls help us gain access to the trigger points in your body and loosen your muscles.

Sport massage

After any demanding activity, such as a long walk in the mountains with snowshoes, a day biking or some time spent skiing on the slopes, your muscles will be strained and tired. We offer relaxing baths, massages designed to release muscle tension and other appropriate treatments in the wellness area of Acquapura SPA.

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