Time to take a breath ENJOY LIFE TO THE FULLEST

Who wouldn’t need a small break in between all these activities. Be it time off from everyday life, work, or the relentless pace at which the world turns, time stops for a moment with us – giving you have the chance for a breather so you can once again enjoy life to the fullest.

We will show you how you to enjoy life in a relaxed way every day with just a few simple tricks. For more energy in the morning, for better digestion, and for a more peaceful sleep. Our active outdoor wellness improves your quality of life with every breath you take, and thanks to the stimulating effects of the special breathing techniques you’ll soon feel much more alive. 

From the delicious meals cooked up in our kitchen to our Acquapura SPA wellness area, everything has been fine-tuned for your complex needs. Experimenting with homemade teas, spices and herbs, as well as massage oils will provide you with newfound energy as you take on the outdoors

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