The majestic Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy and offers a rich variety of holiday inspirations for all ages. Experience one-of-a-kind attractions, scenic parks and high culture in its essence with our trip tips roundabout Lake Garda!


  • The highlight of the entire region
  • Everything from adrenaline-driven rollercoasters to fierce white-water rafting, playgrounds that inspire the imagination, aquariums, carousels, water slides and much more
  • Suitable for kids ages 4-5 onwards and from heights above 110 cm
  • Infants up to 100 cm tall have free entry into the park and access to their own amusement and fun in Babyland
  • About 40 minutes away from Apartments Lake Garda
  • Experience the most breathtaking park in Italy with an area of 600.000 square meters
  • Its sheer endless variety of flowering plants, ponds, boxwood and other trees and more truly make the park a shrine of nature
  • Visit the park on foot, on bike (available for renting locally), with the park’s mini-train, shuttle or a golf cart
  • Experience scenic nature with unforgettable vistas suitable for the entire family
  • About 45 minutes away from Apartments Lake Garda

  • All the cinematic highlights in one amusement park
  • Rollercoasters for adrenaline junkies, thrill rides in the House of Horrors, a gripping submarine simulator, laser games, a steep dive from the Hollywood Action Tower and more
  • A variety of shows for the whole family – Wild West, Flashdance, Route 66, Rodeo, etc.
  • Full-time entertainment for all the Hollywood enthusiasts: suitable for children ages 4-5 (at least 110 cm body height), while infants up to 100 cm tall have free entry into the park
  • About 45 minutes away from Lake Garda Resort
  • Unforgettable fun for all water lovers
  • Sparkling attractions such as the “Black Hole,” dynamic tubing rides, the “water jump” tower, pirate lagoon, wave pool, water slides and much more
  • Suitable for kids ages 3-4 onwards
  • About 40 minutes away from Apartments Lake Garda

  • An authentic medieval feast for anyone seeking to experience the Middle Ages
  • A flashy dinner show with a number of tournaments (also featuring mounted knights), archery and sword fighting competitions to win the princesses’ favour
  • At the lush banquet table you’ll get a truly royal welcome and treatment
  • For all fans of the Middle Ages, large and small
  • About 50 minutes away from Lake Garda Resort
  • A gorgeous safari park that can be visited in the comfort of your own car
  • A variety of exotic animals to captivate the whole family – a Serengeti wildlife reserve close to home
  • The facility consists of 2 parts: the safari park and the zoo, where you can meet animals from all over the world
  • Just the perfect trip tip for family members of all ages
  • About 50 minutes away from Apartments Lake Garda


Where better experience opera than in an original amphitheatre from the Roman era? An undisputed highlight – not only for opera lovers – is an evening in the one and only Arena di Verona. Its world famous opera festival is held annually from June to September. Be it opera, ballet or a musical concert you’ll get to see masterful performances under clear skies. A BYO bottle of wine and own refreshment is the generally-observed custom. An evening in such an extraordinary location quite simply is something you just can’t pass on.

  • A monumental, very well-preserved amphitheatre from the Roman era
  • Opera festival from June to September 
  • Tickets can be easily ordered online
  • Tips on finding seats and tickets: the most moderately-priced category is the unnumbered gallery seats without seat cushions and backrests, which are the farthest away and situated very high up in the Arena. These cost about € 22 each and are called “gradinata.” To get one such seat on sold-out evenings, you’ll have to arrive early enough before the scheduled start of the performance. Bringing your own comfortable seat cushion is a must. No glass bottles are allowed; however, dedicated picnic baskets with your own refreshments are just the way to go 
  • It is recommended to bring enough water with you because the entrance to the gradinata seats opens early and at sold-out events it is inevitable to find yourself waiting in queue
  • If you wish to have it more comfortable, it is best to invest in the next higher up category, in which you’ll get a proper seat in the galleries (cost: Monday to Thursday € 73 to € 94, Friday and Saturday € 84 to € 104)
  • The most expensive category is about € 200 a ticket – formal evening dress is obligatory for these seats
  • An opera performance typically lasts about 3 and a half hours
  • About 45 minutes away from Apartments Lake Garda

There is hardly a more splendid museum to be found that impresses both architecturally and historically and with a rich and chequered past. The Vittoriale, complete with its large parking facility, is located on the western side of Lake Garda. The lot is no less than 9 hectares large and is an ideal trip tip both for families with kids and for historical and cultural aficionados.

  • Former residence of Italian playwright Gabriele D’Annunzio
  • Designed by Italian architect Giancarlo Maroni
  • In addition to stylish buildings such as the Villa “La Prioria” that holds a library of 6000 tomes, you’ll find paintings by the German 19th century realist painter Franz von Lehnbach and the Steinway grand piano of the composer Franz Liszt

You can also find here: 

  • An imposing mausoleum
  • A scenic countryside composed of gardens, parks, quaint locations and waterways
  • The Puglia – a cruiser mounted on a slope of a nearby hilltop
  • The MAS, a submarine for attacking warships (both received by D’Annunzio as a gift from the Italian navy);
  • A wartime museum
  • Suitable for all ages
  • About 30 minutes away from Apartments Lake Garda

Whether you visit Lake Garda on a family holiday or on a romantic trip for two, you’re your experience won’t only consist of water sports and heaps of bathing fun – but also an experience richly flavoured with picturesque nature, culture and history.

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