Falky's SPA Wellness for kids

The Falky wellness concept has been developed in co-operation with PINO in order to provide parents and their children with a unique experience. The treatments we provide have been set up with loving care, and special attention is paid to the needs of your little ones. We help you determine the right massage for your child in a personal conversation with our SPA therapist and by means of Falky´s well-being triangle in the hotel.

positive effects of the parent-child massage:

  • promotes the bond between mother and child
  • helps children calm down easily and promotes sleep at night
  • strengthens the ability to concentrate
  • massaged babies cry less, are more attentive and curious
  • supports metabolism and organ processes through the reflex zones on hands and feet
  • strengthens the body’s defences
  • prevents flatulence and colic, strengthens digestive functions