Finest fusion cuisine

From the alps to the ocean


Luxury for all senses.
For a perfect holiday, we believe the cuisine must mirror the expectations the ambience sets. Which is exactly what we set out to do at each and every one of our Falkensteiner Hotels.

Delicious dishes and drinks are vital to the Falkensteiner holiday philosophy. Our Alpine Adriatic cuisine is a delightful blend of influences from different cultures and traditions found in our holiday destinations. It takes diners on a journey between southern temperament and Alpine simplicity and unpretenciousness, such as with both lamb and fish, or Mediterranean pasta and South Tyrolean dumpling soup. Healthy, innovative, and enriched with extraordinary specialities from each particular region. The variety we present in our menu is also reflected in our wine list. Last but not least, we take pride in our service being attentive, friendly, everpresent and yet unobtrusive.